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Chill, Grill, and Your Will!

17 Aug

When: 30Aug11 starting at 1100
Where: Lincoln Park, West Seattle (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW)

This BBQ is an event for you and your family stationed on the Mellon. There will be various games and sports at the event so be sure to wear comfortable attire. The BBQ will be potluck style for desserts and side dishes, and morale will supply the main course, salad and beverages. So bring your favorite recipes and dishes to impress your shipmates, friends and family. The D13 Chaplin, Legal Assistance, Spouse’s Association and the Ombudsman will be present at the BBQ, and will provide information on the different resources available to you and your families while you are underway.

Park amenities include: A picnic shelter, multiple tables and grills, a play area for kids, swing sets, bathrooms, two fields, a wading pool, plenty of trails and open space as well as close proximity to the water. For more information go to: http://www.seattle.gov/parks

Alcohol is not allowed in Seattle parks.

For questions contact ENS Salerno: