Quick Answer: Where Is Coast Guard Beach?

Why is it called Coast Guard Beach?

Coast Guard Beach is named for the old white Coast Guard building that still stands on the dune above the beach. Nesting and migrating shorebirds share the sand with beachgoers, and seals and sharks are at home in the waters just offshore.

What happened to Coast Guard Beach?

Karst Hoogeboom, the Seashore’s chief of facilities and maintenance, has spent his career studying beach dynamics, and he said Coast Guard Beach is going through a heavy period of erosion. “ Buried trees are being exposed, peat is getting washed away, tree roots are moving up and down the beach,” he said.

How do you get to the Coast Guard Beach?

To get to the beach you must either take a shuttle bus from the Little Creek Parking Lot on Doane Road or bike or hike from the Salt Pond Visitor Center on the Nauset Trail, a distance of 1.8 miles, one way. When in service, the shuttle runs every ten minutes from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Can I park at Coast Guard Beach?

Coastguard Beach is a fun beach for playing in the waves and has soft sand. There is no parking at the beach, but there is a very convenient shuttle service provided from the Little Creek parking area to the beach.

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Does Coast Guard beach allow dogs?

Dogs are allowed all summer long at Coast Guard Beach in Eastham.

Is Nauset Beach part of National Seashore?

Nauset Light Beach – Cape Cod National Seashore (U.S. National Park Service)

Does Coast Guard Beach have big waves?

Waves were high but swimmable. A few curious seals bobbed nearby. Coast Guard Beach is ideal for walking and the changing room facilities were cleaner than most. Apart from a few greenhead flies, a great beach experience.

Does the outermost house still exist?

The Outermost House is a book by naturalist writer Henry Beston. It was published in 1928 by Doubleday and Doran and is now published by Henry Holt and Company in New York City.

What time does Nauset Beach open?

Hours of beach operation are 7:30am – 4:30pm. Parking fees: $20/daily, $75.00/week, $220/season. Beach parking lot stickers can be purchased at the Nauset Beach Administration Bldg, 250 Beach Road in Orleans beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Is racepoint beach free?

Race Point Beach sits at the mouth of Cape Cod Bay at the northernmost point of Cape Cod National Seashore. Like all beaches in the park, there is an access fee during the summer season: daily from late June through Labor day, and on weekends and holidays from Memorial Day through the end of September.

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