Often asked: How To Become A Warrant Officer In The Coast Guard?

Does Coast Guard have warrant officers?

Coast Guard Chief Warrant Officers (CWOs) are prior enlisted members who were selected to become specialized members of the officer corps. As such, they hold a unique organizational position and provide comprehensive knowledge and management in a technical specialty, such as marine inspection.

How much does a warrant officer make in the Coast Guard?

Starting pay for a Chief Warrant Officer 3 is $4,137.00 per month, with raises for experience resulting in a maximum base pay of $7,256.70 per month.

How hard is it to become a Coast Guard officer?

Originally Answered: How hard is it to become an officer of the U.S. Coast guard? It has never been easy to become a USCG Officer. In a typical year less than 4% of qualified applicants will be accepted to the Academy putting it among the most selective of all colleges and universities.

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How long does it take to become an officer in the Coast Guard?

Officer Candidate School (OCS) is a highly specialized, 17-week course of instruction in leadership, management, navigation, law enforcement, and military subjects. OCS classes are convened twice a year, in January and in the summer.

Is it better to be a warrant officer or commissioned officer?

Commissioned Officers are superior in rank to Warrant Officers who are generally more experienced in their enlisted positions.

Are warrant officers higher than officers?

Warrant officers rank lower than the lowest ranking officer but higher than the highest ranking enlisted member.

What’s the highest rank in the Coast Guard?

Admiral (ADM/O-10) Admiral is the highest USCG rank in peacetime and is designated a four-star flag on their insignia. Admirals have the greatest responsibility, overseeing the entire operation of more than 41,000 active-duty personnel.

What is a cwo3?

Basic Pay. $4,137/mo. Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3) is the third Warrant Officer rank in the Unites States Marine Corps. They are officially appointed by the the Secretary of the Marine Corps. They are advanced level experts of both the technical and tactical aspects of leading in their field.

What is w4 in Coast Guard?

Therefore the Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CWO-4) is the highest level warrant officer rank currently in use in the US Coast Guard. Like other officers, the Chief Warrant Officer is commissioned by the President of the United States and takes the same oath as the commissioned ranks.

What disqualifies you from joining the Coast Guard?

You will undergo a credit check. You with have to pass security clearance check. You will have to pass a criminal record review. ( 2nd and 3rd degree misdemeanors and or felony convictions disqualify you from joining the US Coast Guard)

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What is the Coast Guard age limit?

Age Limits for Enlisting You must be at least 17 to enlist in any branch of the active military. The oldest you can be to enlist for active duty in each branch is: Coast Guard: 31. Marines: 28.

Do Coast Guard carry guns?

The Coast Guard employs various small arms including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

What rank do you start out in the Coast Guard with a college degree?

As a four-year enlistee in the Coast Guard, if you obtain the rank of E-5 or higher and have a minimum of 30 college credits, you can apply for Officer Candidate School. To get in, you’ll be competing against civilians who have a four-year college degree and other members of the Coast Guard in your position.

What rank do you get after OCS?

Upon completion of either OCS programs, graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants (2LT) and then attend the rest of their Basic Officer Leadership courses.

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